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PBIS World

CLICK HERE to access the PBIS World website for resources and information about positive behavior interventions and supports. 

Our school has successfully implemented Tier 1 interventions and supports. In addition, we have also begun to implement Tier 2 interventions and supports, however, we have not completely met the mark on this tier. In Tier 2, we have successfully implemented check-in/check-out, mentoring, increased parent involvement, and  data-based decision making and monitoring using a school-wide information system (SWIS).

Tier 1 comprises the majority of the students at about 80%.

Tier 2 comprises 10% to 15% of the students.

Tier 3 comprises about 5% of the students.

At Barstow Junior High School we ask that teachers try to implement at least three Tier 1 behavior interventions and supports with students before they write a referral. We do understand that in certain cases some exhibited behaviors will go beyond this approach and will need further action. Feel free to access PBIS World for suggested interventions and supports by clicking the link at the top of the page.